SUR LA NATURE DES CHOSES INVISIBLES is a multiform cycle of performances to be developed from 2024 onwards. It follows a research project started in 2022, with the support of Charleroi Danse, Studio Thor, Studio Etangs Noirs and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (dance department). A presentation of this research took place in December 2022 at La Raffinerie (Brussels). This new cycle is a breaking point compared to the previous pieces, marked by the fascination with the theatrical black box as a singular tool to imagine and create worlds. Adaptable to different types of spaces or conceived to be played in the duration, each part places the spectator in a sensitive environment where one can enter and leave at any time, choose one's place, by proximity or distance. Part of a wider reflection on anthropocentric narration, we imagine this cycle as a process that organically questions the human being, our ideas about reality and our poetic place within this reality. The non-rational, the intuition, the sensitive as possible drivers for a new ethic of living together and among all things. Rethinking ecology in the etymological sense of the word, seeking a form of spiritual awareness and anchoring living beings in a sense of belonging and relationship with the whole. SUR LA NATURE DES CHOSES INVISIBLES
Sur la Nature des Choses invisibles #1 (WIP) A piece for 2 of 3 performers and a motorised lighting object In between prayer and warrior dance, contemplation and resistance, the choreographic composition unfolds around two primary energies that constitute the human being and our way of being in the world. Like Giacometti's Walking Man, who stands between fragility and a conqueror's attitude, physically projected forwards. The choreographic material is inspired by gestures and postures from iconographic representations of early civilizations. A period where animist and polytheist beliefs intertwine. The representation often had a magical power and aimed to convey the intimate link between the human and the invisible things. Through a process of sedimentation, reprise and transformation, the gestures and postures trace contours of a new ritual and stand as survivals of a common hereditary heritage. In Sur la nature des Choses invisibles #1, the space is organized around a motorized lighting object, engaged in constant movement. An ambiguous object that seems to be trying to tell us something, a sort of modern oracle that can be transformed into a scanner to bare the human presence. The cyclic dynamic of actions, music and of the object, is articulated over principles of ruptures, variations, accelerations, degradations and restarts. Everything swings between control and hazard. Little by little this environment leads the spectator to have to decide what to look at and to take the time to encounter something.


Coproduction ongoing


Expected duration

2 to 4 loops of 50 minutes




Concept and direction

Monia Montali

François Bodeux



Alienor H

Jef Stevens

Monia Montali



Alienor H


Sound composition

Miquel Casaponsa



Monia Montali


Light and scenography

Francois Bodeux



Antia Diaz

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