How need in the end ?  Already all confusion. Things and imaginings. As of always (...)

One moment more. One last. Grace to breath that void. Know happiness.


Ill Seen Ill Said, Samuel Beckett

After Wavering Abode (2010) and Company (2015), ILL Seen is the final part of a trilogy inspired by the last Samuel Beckett texts. The last part of the trilogy was written as an urge to go toward a vanishing point, a desire for the horizon, a movement toward a liberating space. On stage, an elderly woman and two figures from the previous parts meet, but without coexisting or allowing themselves to understand. Through the imposing presence since the start of the performance of a luminous artefact towering over the space, the performance immediately establishes a register of contemplation and silence. In this part, which, like a huge still-life, further engages the spectator's gaze by requiring acuity at all times, the figures seem to be ready to freeze and become petrified. The spectators are invited to take on a form of perception that corresponds to the intimate act of closing one's eyes, not so as to access the dream and appeasement, but to further expand the gaze. It is in fact what is not visible to the eye that really and truly acts profoundly.


> about the trilogy

Concept, set design and direction

Monia Montali & Francois Bodeux


Sound composition

Miquel Casaponsa


Creation and performance

Florencia Demestri, Marie De Corte,

Octave Delaunoy



Blueback asbl



Les Brigittines, Charleroi Danse, La Coop asbl


With the support of

Shelter Prod, ING, the Belgian government tax shelter, Ministry of the  Wallonia-Brussels Federation, General Office for Performing Arts - Interdisciplinary Sector.



November 2018 (Les Brigittines)