"Till finally you hear how words are coming to an end. With every inane word a little nearer to the last. And how the fable too.

The fable of one with you in the dark. The fable of one fabling of one with you in the dark.

And how better in the end labour lost and silence. And you as you always were.



Samuel Beckett, Company

Company is the second part of a work around Samuel Beckett texts. It follows on from the previous performance Wavering Abode. In Beckett's eponymous text: A voice reaches someone in the dark. Imagine. A voice reaches someone on their back in the dark. On stage, inside a "bedroom", an elderly man imagines everything to keep himself company. An image arises of a fragmented "I", a schizophrenic figure who refuses to say "me" and uses the third person to attempt to become the narrator of his own story. The presence of this man eventually affects the environment: for a moment, the radical toppling of the stage space and the appearance of a child become an extension of his mental space. As if escaped from a painting, the beings inhabit the space like ghosts. The rare movements and actions stand out to create a choreography of appearances and recollections. The performance resembles a subtle painting of the life cycle, a theatre of dream and sensation.


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Concept, set design and direction

Monia Montali & Francois Bodeux


Sound composition

Miquel Casaponsa


Performance and creation

Jef Stevens

Ibai Harrison-Kerr Alberdi / Octave Delaunoy



Monia Montali


Light design

François Bodeux



Blueback asbl



Les Brigittines, Charleroi Danse, workspacebrussels


With the support of

Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service de L'interdisciplinaire.



Avril 2015  (festival Danseur / Les Brigittines)



50 min